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A professional Yoga and Pilates instructor by day, and a watercolour and acrylic enthusiast by night. I love to create art every day after work, experimenting with watercolours, acrylics, oil pastels, and pencil sketches.


I am originally from the beautiful state of West Bengal known as the rich cultural state of India. Since 2007, I have moved to Hong Kong.

My Artist Life


My first art teacher was my mother who gave me fond memories of painting as a young child. Later, I followed late Gopal Chandra Pal, who was a great artist and my respected art teacher. 


Art is my therapy. Colours directly influence my mood and encourages me to be a happy person. It helped me through a difficult period in life by energising me, inspiring optimism, and gaining insight into my strengths. I love my colours. I also love my brushes. I talk to them, I cry to them, and I laugh with them. In short, I live with them. 


I regretfully put painting aside for two years because of a tight working schedule when I first arrived at Hong Kong. I then forced myself to make time for my art. Initially, it was not easy. But I truly believe if something really matters to us, then we know how to make time for it. Now as a part of my daily routine, I paint after work, even if it is only for a few minutes.


I enjoy experimenting with a myriad of techniques and I continue learning art by trying new things on my own. I used to paint with no purpose. I never thought of art as a career. Under the encouragement of my friends and colleagues, I started teaching art in 2001 in India. Later, I started an Instagram page and Facebook page for my art work and started teaching art in Hong Kong in 2020.


Now I teach art, have my own art community, and paint on a daily basis. I organise corporate events, community classes and started a creative business by selling my artwork.

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